Friday, March 30, 2012

A Week Without Words- Day Four.

6:05 AM: Snore, drool, groan, roll over.

7:15 AM: Panic Attack.

Yeah, I woke up late. No soy latte for the cranky lady! I needed to be at work by 8AM. It takes about 40 minutes to get there, soooo... I rushed to get ready. It's finally "sprummer" here in Arizona, which means a freezing cold 65 degrees in the morning, and a lovely 90 degrees in the afternoon! I've been wearing a lot of floral skirts lately, which instantly brighten my day, even if I get off to a bad start. Hey, who doesn't love car-ride-makeup and a nice messy ponytail sometimes? HoneyBadger had a lot to tell me before I left for work. She has really been taking advantage of the time she has had to speak this week. I just let her get it all out. She's probably saying all that I've needed to say.

Driving to work, even in a rush, my mind is always racing. I think about the things I need to accomplish that day. I think about what happened the night before. I think of at least three things that I am dying to call my sister and talk about. I roll down my window, and listen to traffic. I turn up the radio, and listen to music. I turn off the radio, and listen to God. Perhaps I will continue to reserve the drive to work as "silent time." Couldn't hurt, right?!

Sometimes, when I get to work, I forget to talk. Someone will say "Good Morning, how are you doing?" and I'll find myself waving, and giving a thumbs up before I actually remember to respond! 

For lunch, I went to Starbucks to get a venti, iced, unsweetend, green tea, and a roasted tomato and mozzarella panini. If you haven't had one, go buy one right now. It will change your life. They are so yummy, and I feel so heathy when I eat things like that, as opposed to the usual Taco Bell. I showed my note to the guy at the register, but he seemed to be having a bad day and was not interested at all. Oh well. I drove to park by a golf course, and enjoyed the rest of my lunch with the hobos and the birds. 

Towards the end of my work day, I got a text from my friend, Chris, asking if I wanted to see a movie. I knew this would be a good chance to hang out, without things getting weird because of my lack of voice, and Chris is awesome, so I said yes. I went home to change, and walk HoneyBadger, then drove to Hurricane Hookah Lounge, where we would meet. When I got there, a few other friends were already hanging out. They all wanted to know all about my challenge, and they all wanted to make me speak. The bouncer threatened to step on my toes. I was poked, and tickled, and provoked, but made no noise. Apparently everyone in this crazy city knows at least a little sign language, because everyone had something to say! 

Chris and I went to see "This Means War." It was incredibly fun, driving to the movie, having him talk to me, ask questions, and then try to guess the answers from my facial expressions, broken sign language, and body language. When we got out of the car, things got a little easier because I could write notes, and show him my phone. I've always displayed a wide variety of facial expressions, and been a tad dramatic in my stories and movements, but not having a voice has amplified those qualities in me more than I could have possibly imagined! Chris was cracking up, and I was silently lmao.

 I got a text from my friend/Chris's roommate, Nathan, asking me to come over after the movie. Chris and I went back to Hurricane, (I had left my car there) and said hi to a few people that weren't there earlier, before I left to visit Nathan. 

Apparently, Nathan, doesn't read my blog :P

I walked inside, gave him a hug, and he asked "What? You're not talking? What? Why aren't you talking?" A few of the others that were there knew what was going on, and kind of half explained, while I brought up my blog, and a link to the original article that inspired me. Like any situation, there were mixed reactions of surprise, frustration, interest, and confusion. The night continued with hookah, the TV show 'Archer,' and a never-ending game of charades. My friend Basileios, thought it appropriate to jokingly send dirty sign language messages, while others made fun, and Nathan described the challenge as "cute." I had a lot of fun, trying not to talk or laugh out loud! Chris came home from Hurricane around 11, and that's about when I headed out. I'm an old lady, and I need my sleep, before my early mornings!

It was a much bigger challenge than I expected, being around friends, and not saying anything at all. Especially when they wanted to poke fun at me, or talk about a recent party, (and all the drama that goes with those types things!) Overall, I had a good time, and I'll be sure to get them back somehow!! ;)

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